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In this article, I will try to write complete information about apex Minecraft server hosting. I hope this information really impressive and knowledgeable for the reader. If you planning to buy apex Minecraft hosting then blog posts really important for you. Let’s know more information about Apex Hosting.

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About  Apex Minecraft Hosting

 Apex hosting founded in 2013 to deliver the highest and good level of customer support to Minecraft server hosting.

Customer support is the most important part of Minecraft hosting. The apex hosting team has brand new server hosting and experienced admin for best support around the globe. We know the Minecraft server is a new idea to many people. Experience team builds hosting infrastructure and support team to help every client around the globe. They set very cheap or affordable prices while allowing us to use the best hardware.

They use the latest technology to ensure lag-free your server with advanced DDOS protection, strong internet connections up to 1 GBPS, and RAID hard drives. They try to serve your hosting will run smooth and easy to operate.

Minecraft server host is a company that serves as a store of your and your friend’s gaming story. If you want to start your own Minecraft server, then it is trusty and relies upon for a smooth and easy gaming experience.

Benefits of Apex minecraft hosting

1) After setting a private Minecraft server, freedom to decide what install and what to skip.

2) You can easily set up your family members and small community-based game.

3) You can monetize your Minecraft server within high-demanding game advertising and setting up web stores. 

Apex Minecraft hosting highly growing and most powerful Minecraft hosting server in today’s market. They offer discounts and special deals for new joiner and old customer constantly.

They provide pragmatic Cpanel type multicraft tool features that ensure convenient management of your website and a powerful and smoother game experience.

It also provides Minecraft hosting servers across major locations like the United States of America ( South and North ),  East and West Asia, Europe, and Africa.

FAQ’s About Minecraft hosting servers

  • Minecraft is a free ?

Answer.  No, Minecraft is a platform base Microsoft licensed game whose price is depending on the platform version you prefer. The windows version starts at $29.99 and the PS4 version starting at $19.99. 

  • Is Apex Hosting free?

Answer: No, Apex offers various packages for newcomers and old customers. Its cost depending on your requirement for gaming purposes. The price starts at $3.99. They offer a 25% discount for signing up.

  • Is Apex hosting good for Minecraft?

Answer: Yes, Apex Minecraft server hosting is one of the best server hosters. They are super reliable and cheap servers in the world. We are would definitely recommend them to someone looking for a server host for their friends or community game. If you are looking for an affordable and fully managed best Minecraft host, Apex Hosting is a really good choice for you.

  • How much RAM do I need for the Minecraft server?

Answer:- Minimum 1 GB of RAM required for the server to run. If you are using Windows or a desktop-based Linux distribution or software, you should have at least 1 GB of additional physical RAM in the computer or laptop, so the graphics on the desktop or laptop don’t become laggy.

Apex Hosting Features

#Domain Name

Apex server hosting provides a domain name for an area code. The domain name makes it very easy for your website to be identifiable as the area code.

Using area code for your hosting, helping you to increase your community and attract more players.

#User Inferface

Without an easy and best interface, Minecraft hosting is impossible for success. If any interface confounds to navigate, users will close your site and searching for alternatives. Don’t worry Apex hosting provide an efficient site, largely with multicraft tool feature.

Multicraft offers a function that is similar to Cpanel and these support for smooth and easy management of the user interface.

#Database, storage and Security

A good database is imperative to running easy and smooth Minecraft hosting. Apex Minecraft hosting provides just what database users need in terms.

As with a database, You also get the storage option to choose from different capacities as you pay. You get to choose server space from 1 GB to 4 GB.

Security is the most important part of every Minecraft hosting server. Without protecting the privacy of players and data, you can’t grow your gaming community.

Apex Minecraft hosting is are well-protected and secure from small and large scale DDOS attracts. They provide and ensuring to the safety of players.

I recommend you buy a small or highest package if safety is your primary concern. You will be able to create a server follow the video provided by Apex hosting.


It provides 24/7/365 days customer support. They support 24 hours live chat customer support system. You can get in touch with their technical team in the chat room. There is no long waiting time for support. Within minutes solve your problem from the hosting team.

Pricing for Apex Minecraft Hosting

Plan NameSpaceRAMPrice
Basic Servers1 GB1 GB$4.49 First Month
Basic Servers and Some Modpacks2 GB2 GB$7.49 First Month
Basic Servers and Some Modpacks3 GB3 GB$11.24 First Month
Basic Servers and Most Modpacks4 GB4 GB$14.99 First Month
Basic Servers and Most Modpacks5 GB5GB$18.74 First Month
Basic Servers and All Modpacks6 GB6GB$22.49 First Month
Basic Servers and All Modpacks7 GB7 GB$26.24 First Month
Price of Apex Minecraft Hosting
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Pricing | Apex Minecraft Hosting |Apex Hosting

Spacifications :

Hosting PlatformApex Hosting
Server LocationWorldwide
CPU Cores1
Charging Time500ms
PriceStarting from $4.49/month
Control PanelMulticraft
WebsiteApex Hosting

Conclusion :

Apex Minecraft hosting came late in the game hosting but they offer pragmatic features and the best rates in the market. Its interface is simple and attractive with enough storage capacity. Apex offers a dynamic database for security to use.

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