Top 5 Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger

Blogging is the most advanced technology for sharing your own opinion with friends and family. If you have a passion to start your own blog or website then we will try to guide choosing the best blogging platform. We have known many top blogging platforms available in the world. They are trying to give similar or extra features for you.

In this article, We will try to help you choose the best and better blogging platform. We are trying to add the pros and cons of the popular blogging platform for easy known which is best for your project.

Ready? Let’s Know Best Blogging Platform …

  1. – Best way to Self-hosted blog

WordPress is the most popular and best blog blogging platform in the world. Automatic inc. operated and maintained by WordPress. They have two options for bloggers, self-hosted and free blogs. WordPress hosted 90% and of the blog on the internet. In this article, we will discuss self-hosted blogs.

Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger home Page | Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger is the perfect option for all kind of blogs or website project, those who really are serious about starting own blogs, online business and who want full control their website and blogs.

Let’s choose Best Blogging Platform with Top and famouse wordpress theme and plugin.


  • Very flexible
  • Highly Extendable
  • Easy to Design your blog website
  • WordPress is completely searched engine friendly and works well with social media.
  • Full ownership of your content or posts
  • Easy support options or Community based support system


  • You need to buy your own domain and hosting system
  • Secure your website or Own backup system

Setup and Pricing

WordPress is an open-source blogging platform which means it’s free to your project. If you want to set up your blog, you need to buy your own domain name and hosting with various premium themes and plugins to make your website make eye catch.

Self-hosted blog setting up is very easy, all you need is a domain and hosting that offers one-click installs for WordPress, such as Bluehost

2. – Product of Google

Blogger is a completely free blogging platform service by Google. It offers a very easy way to create a blog or website for non-technical users.

Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger ( Blogspot) Home page | Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger

Blogger firstly launched in  1999 by Pyra labs. Later in 2003, Google acquired a blogger and re-designed it. If you want to create and operate your own blog throw Blogger then you need to Google Account or Gmail email. 


  • Blogger is always free
  • Without Technical or Coding Knowledge Manage and use
  • Blogger secure platform and reliability by Google


  • You are limited to basic blogging options, and you cannot add new features as your blogs or website grows in popularity.
  • Design options are low or limited, low templates available in-store, and third-party templates often low quality.
  • Google can suspend or delete blogs at any time.

Price :-

Blogger is always free with a blogger sub-domain like If you want to set or set up your own domain, you need to buy from a third-party domain registrar.

3. – Self-hosted Blogs

Joomla is another best blogging platform that builds all kinds of blogs or websites easily. It is open-source content management ( CMS ). Joomla is perfect for personal blogs, Business related websites, online stores, or e-commerce websites and technically advanced users. We are collecting more information about the difference between WordPress vs Joomla Drupal

Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger Home page | Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger


  • Flexible and Powerful, suitable for building and coding more than blogs
  • Lots of options for adding more features and functionality
  • Available hundreds of professional website or blog template to change the look
  • Cons
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML and CSS is required for operating Joomla cms
  • All responsibility is your just like Security, backups, and Performance ( If you want to buy Joomla managed to host available for you )


Joomla is an open-source platform, which means free to download. You need to buy your domain and hosting for your blog or website. If you require a domain and hosting visit our sponsored Bluehost

4. – Best for your starter blogs or small websites

Wix is another best and tops free blogging platform. They support a variety of designs without breaking the bank. In 2012, Wix switched from adobe flash function to HTML5. You will easily create and manage your first free blog or website. If you want to connect with your personal or business domain then you required a premium plan.

Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger Home Page | Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger


  • Easy to use website editor
  • Ability to recall older versions of your website or blog
  • The very large third-party apps and design gallery
  • Top and Best mobile website-building tools available
  • Best for No-coding person


  • Advanced users have not to access HTML and CSS
  • If you want to change, So many hard to change your design
  • Inability to sell digital goods
  • No chat support


  1. Free plan access only 500MB of storage and 500MB bandwidth monthly with company show advertising on your website or blog
  2. Connect Domain plan includes 1GB Bandwidth and 500MB storage with company show advertising on your website or blog
  3. Combo plan includes 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage for especially for the personal user who can easily connect own domain
  4. Unlimited ( Entrepreneurs & Freelancers ) plan include unlimited bandwidth and 10GB storage with supporting your domain with 1 year free, 1 Hour video, website booster app, and visitor analytics app
  5. VIP ( First Priority Support ) plan includes unlimited bandwidth and 20GB storage, connect domain with 1-year subscription, 2 hours video, site booster app, visitor analytics app, Professional logo worth $50 with social media logo files, VIP support, and priority response.

5. Weebly – Beginners Choice

Weebly is another top and best blogging platform in the world. it all work is beginner-friendly that allows everyone to make or create personal or business websites or blogs in less than a few hours. Users easily edit text blocks, add sliders, galleries, videos section, and many more required functions for your website. Beginners or no-coding person can edit and add new website pages, navigation menus, and a variety of color schemes is as easy as selecting elements in the builder.

Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger
Weebly Home Page | Best Blogging Platform For New Blogger


  • Beginner Friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Best SEO options for growing your website traffic
  • Centralized support


  • Low quantity of free theme available
  • No full control in the settings section
  • Not for best for e-commerce option


  1. The free plan includes 500MB storage, domain with Weebly branding, free SSL security with chat and email support
  2. Connect plan ($5 Month) include all free plan and connect your domain
  3. Pro plan ($12 Month )include all connect plan and free domain, Google ads coupon, shopping cart support, phone support and much more.
  4. Business plan (25$ monthly ) include all pro plan and Inventory management, tax calculator, coupon codes, items reviews, shipping calculator, pop-up notifications, advanced e-commerce statistics, and much more


We are trying to adding more information about the best blogging platform in the world. We are adding the top 5 blogging platforms with price, pros, and cons. I hope these articles really help you find your best blogging CMS ( Content management system ) for your next blog.

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