Top 50 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

If you are thinking of starting a blog and re-designing your existing blog, if you have created your own blog in WordPress, here we will provide you the best free WordPress blog themes, with the help of which you can create a great blog. Here we will try to provide you the top 50 free themes.

In order to run any successful blog, it is very important to have a design along with the theme, speed of the website, and search engine-friendly themes. All the themes here are search engine friendly and light-coded.
WordPress is one of the most used blogging platforms in the world. This platform is very popular with everyone because it is free and very easy to use. With this platform, you can easily create the website you don’t need as well as any coding skills.

A blog is a great way to share your thoughts, experiences, knowledge, and more with a regular audience. Also blogging is a great way to grow your brand and business by writing useful, creative, and value-added content about your brand, products, services, and business.

Blogs help you become more social, more viral, and more visible in your community. A well-written blog can engage users through comments, sharing, and more. It can also easily bring out the hidden talents in society.

How To Choose The Best Free WordPress Blog Themes?

If you want to create a successful blog, it is very important to choose the right themes. Here are some basic factors to keep in mind before choosing any free WordPress blog themes.

Design: What kind of blog do you want to start? is this your personal blog or website? What kind of website design do you need? as a blog only, a travel blog, a business-related blog, a sports and fitness blog, a niche blog, an affiliate blog, a complete media blog, a free blog, or anything else. More complete visual communication or simple or normal and text-based only? Always choose the best design for your website.

Responsibility: You should choose a Device compatible or responsive blog content theme as it helps your regular mobile and tablet users display content, increasing traffic from all types of devices. Nowadays most of the WordPress themes are responsive by default, but you can’t say that it doesn’t come with enough functionality.

SEO Friendly: Having an SEO-friendly theme is very important as it optimizes your website for search engines. Must be well adapted to pages, blog posts, images, videos, and media files.

Fast Loading Speed: Load speed is a major aspect of any website or blog. It requires a faster loading speed of web pages as it reduces bounce rate and helps keep your visitors on a long site.

List of Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

Let’s surf and know the top and best 50 WordPress themes for a blog or website.
1) Astra WordPress Theme

astra wordpress theme
Astra Best Free WordPress Blog themes

2) OceanWp

oceanwp wordpress theme
OeceanWP WordPress Theme | Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

3) Hestia – Best WordPress Theme

hestia free wordpress theme
Hestia | Top and Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

4) Cali WordPress theme

cali wordPress Theme
Cali WordPress Theme | Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

5) Bento

bento wordpress theme
Bento WordPress Theme | Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

6) Blocksy – WordPress Theme

blocksy wordPress theme
Blocksy WordPress Theme | Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

7) Hemingway WordPress Theme

hemingway wordpress theme

8) Neve WordPress Theme

neve wordpress theme

9) Sydney WordPress Theme

sydney wordpress theme

10) Poseidon WordPress Theme

poseidon wordpress theme

11) Fascinate WordPress Theme

fascinate wordpress theme

12) Kent WordPresss Theme

kent wordpress theme

13) Lovecraft WordPress Theme

lovecraft wordpress theme

14) Admiral WordPress Theme

admiral wordpress theme

15) Shapely WordPress Theme

shapely wordpress theme

16) Ashe WordPress Theme

ashe wordpress theme

17) Cenote WordPress Theme

cenote wordpress theme

18) Siteorigin Unwind WordPress Theme

siteorigin unwind wordpress theme

19) Masonic WordPress Theme

masonic wordpress theme

20) Type WordPress Theme

type wordpress theme

21) SuevaFree WordPress Theme

suevafree wordpress theme

22) The Minimal WordPress Theme

the minimal wordpress theme

23) Color Blog WordPress Theme

color blog wordpress theme

24) Blog Prime WordPress Theme

blog prime wordpress theme

25) Author WordPress Theme

author wordpress theme

26) Ocius WordPress Theme

ocius wordpress theme

27) Bard WordPress Theme

bard wordpress theme

28) Blog Kit WordPress Theme

blog kit wordpress theme

29) BlackLite WordPress Theme

blacklite wordpress theme

30) Freedom WordPress Theme

freedom wordpress theme

31) Serenti WordPress Theme

serenti wordpress theme

32) Opus Masonry WordPress Theme

opus masonery wordpress theme

33) Faith Blog WordPress Theme

faith blog wordpress theme

34) Placid WordPress Theme

35) Kokoro WordPress Theme

36) Tracks WordPress Theme

37) Ignite WordPress Theme

38) Avant WordPress Theme

39) Responsive Mobile WordPress Theme

40) Vogue WordPress Theme

41) Magbook WordPress Theme

42) Panoramic WordPress Theme

43) Conica WordPress Theme

conica wordpress theme by kaira

44) CityLogic WordPress Theme

45) Agama WordPress Theme

46) Fury WordPress Theme

47) Ascend WordPress Theme

48) Wisteria WordPress Theme

49) The Writer Blog

The Writers Blog - WordPress theme
The Writer Blog | Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

50) BlogStart – WordPress Theme

BlogStart - wordpress theme
BlogStart – Start Your Blog, Build Your Brand | Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

51) InterServer Portfolio – WordPress theme

Interserver Portfolio | Best Free WordPress Themes

52) Journal Blog – WordPress Theme

Journal Blog | Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

Conclusion :-

I hope you like all the themes here. If there is any mistake here, please let me know in the comment section. Have you shared this article with your friends and family? If not, please share and inform those who need these themes.

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