How to Install a WordPress Plugin | Best Step by Step Guide

Hello everyone, I am Tulsiram Bhandari. Today I will try to share with you information on How to Install a WordPress Plugin. I hope this real information for all. If you are proficient in this regard and if there is any lack of information in this article, I kindly request you to inform me through comments. I have tried to include here the information I have known and experienced.

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In this article, we will share information on How to Install a WordPress Plugin. Here are 2 ways to put a plugin in WordPress. Let’s know on, take a look and enjoy yourself!

1) searching ( from Plugin Directory )
2) uploading ( Buying from third party or plugin developer )

What is a WordPress Plugin?

Well, a plugin refers to a kind of change software that lets you enhance your existing system. WordPress Plugins add extra functionality to the WordPress website or blog and extends the whole experience. Think of it like how a Chromecast plugs into your TV and adds new functionality to your old TV.

Why does WordPress need plugins? Is WordPress not good?

The answer is, no single standalone system can serve thousands of people because people have different options.
WordPress has become the most used CMS since its inception. One major reason behind this is developer support. Developers like to work with WordPress by creating themes and plugins that add more value to WordPress. Millions of people use WordPress daily, including top websites worldwide.

WordPress has over 25000 free plugins on its plugin database. Thanks to the awesome developer community that is supporting WordPress as it has added initial support for plugins. The number of plugins is increasing rapidly every day making WordPress more accessible and customizable.

Do I Need WordPress Plugins?

Plugins give customization power to the users or owners of a website. If you want to design, add new functionality according to your way, well then you need to install some plugins as your business-related.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin (Step by Step Guide)

With the use of plugins, you can transform your original WordPress blog into a full-featured business listing website. Or plugins like map list pro, you can make a business listing website. If you want to start a featured rich eCommerce selling website then dokan WordPress plugin for the best option for you. The options are endless. It can be an event management website, a simple and normal blog, news/magazine website – anything you want to do is possible in WordPress.

It is very easy for you to install the WordPress plugin. You can install the application you need by going to the Plugin Store in WordPress, just like you installed the app from the Play Store on your mobile. There you can easily use the plugins you need for your website. If you do not have the plugin you need, you will need to purchase it from various sites such as codecanyon and other websites.

On the left side of your WordPress dashboard, you will find the Plugins section. If you click on the plugin, two sections will appear.

• Installed plugins
• Add new

You must click Add New to install the new plugin. This option is used for new plugins installed on the WordPress website or blog. You can always click to install plugins that have a view of all the plugins in your plugins installation.

1) Searching ( from Plugin Directory )
After clicking on the plugin button in the right corner, you will be taken to the plugin directory. Where you can easily find the plugin you need for your site, you can easily use it on your website. You can use all of the plugins here for free.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin | Best Step by Step Guide
Open Plugin Sections | How to Install a WordPress Plugin
How to Install a WordPress Plugin | Best Step by Step Guide
Search Required plugin for your website | How to Install a WordPress Plugin
How to Install a WordPress Plugin | Best Step by Step Guide
Install and active your plugin | How to Install a WordPress Plugin

2) Uploading ( Buying from third party or plugin developer
If you do not find any of the plugins you need from the WordPress directory, such plugins can be easily purchased from various websites such as Codecanyon, code store and etc. You can easily use that kind of plugin to suit your website needs.

Upload your plugin .zip files | How to Install a WordPress Plugin


The common misconception about WordPress plugins is “plugins make the site slow.” However, this is not true in most cases. Plugins with poor coding standards can slow down your site. Nevertheless, most WordPress plugins are now well-reviewed before appearing in the repository. Feel free to add plugins without hesitation.

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