How To Install WordPress Themes | #1 Best Step by Step Information

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In this post, we are going to share information about how to install WordPress themes on your blog or website.

The WordPress theme is a template for a blog and website.

There are both free themes and premium themes that can be implemented on WordPress websites.

Not all software or Content Management systems (CMS ) can be customized, but in WordPress, you can easily customize or modifies as your requirement in the website, without pay any money.

What is a WordPress?

A WordPress is the content management system (CMS). WordPress empowers both the website’s backend (the interface where the user brings in to make changes or add new content) and the frontend (the visible parts of the website that your visitors see on the web or mobile).

How To Install WordPress Themes
WordPress | How To Install WordPress Themes

Here are some examples of websites you can create with WordPress:

Blog – A Blog is a special type of website dedicated to sharing ideas, photos, reviews, tutorials, recipes, and more. Blo mg usually displays the most recently published material first.

E-Commerce website – An E-commerce website allows you to sell goods or services online and collect payments through an online payment system. To enhance the default functionality of WordPress, you can download and install a WordPress e-members plugin so that you can have an online store on your website.

Business website – Many businesses will benefit from having an online presence as their website. If your business needs a website for customers to learn about your company and what you have to offer, then WordPress is an excellent option. Customers can contact you, ask for a quote, schedule an appointment, and more.

Membership website – A membership website or system allows you or the content creator to put content behind a paywall or account. To access the page or post, users must pay for the content. WordPress CMS can also handle membership websites with additional plug-ins.

Portfolio Website – Showcase your all artwork, design, and skills, and more with a portfolio website or blog built on WordPress.

Forum website – A forum website can be a very helpful place for users to ask questions or share advice. Believe it or not, many platform websites run on WordPress.

Event website – hosting an event? WordPress website or CMS makes it easy for you to share your event information details and sell tickets.

E-learning website – Students can take online courses, track their progress, download resources, and more from the e-learning website. With a special type of plugin called the WordPress LMS plugin, you can offer online courses from a WordPress website.

Wedding Website – Share your big day details with a wedding website created on WordPress. With an array of WordPress wedding themes, you can get a website quickly and easily.

Check the following instructions to set the theme –

How to install WordPress themes Free (from theme directory provides a variety of themes that you do not need to pay for. When choosing a free theme from a directory, you should consider criteria such as color, layout, and features. You can also choose your free theme based on your requirement.

Free Theme library | How To Install WordPress Themes

Do the following:

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • In the menu on the left, go to Appearance.
  • Click on the themes.
  • On the next page, you will see the available themes.
  • Click the active button for your selected topic.
How To Install WordPress Themes
Live Preview | Activate Theme | How To Install WordPress Themes

Remember that you already have a theme installed, activating a new theme will change the appearance and features of your WordPress site quickly. Therefore, you should be careful while switching to new topics so that you do not face any kind of discrepancies.

Let’s download free more and more WordPress theme and plugin for free.

How to install WordPress themes Premium (Download from various sources)

If you are planning to use a theme that is not available in the  theme directory or if the premium theme has been purchased (and downloaded), then you can upload it from the WordPress Admin as well.

Do the following:

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • In the menu on the left, go to Appearance.
  • Click on the themes.
” Add New ” Button | How To Install WordPress Themes
  • On the next page, click on the add new button.
  • Click on upload.
  • Now click on the box.
  • Click on active to apply the theme.

Always make sure that the premium theme you are implementing on your site is compatible with your installed WordPress version. If not, it can easily break your website.

I hope you find this post on how to add a useful theme for your WordPress blog.

If you have any type questions about the theme uploading or comments, please add them below.

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