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What is the Tumblr ?

Tumblr is an internet-based free blogging platform and social network website. It provides tools to create various content, from text to GIF and photos to chat. You can create your very own customized Tumblr blog, create quality content for your blog, earn more and more followers and interact with others on the site. The more you comment, reply and post rebellious, the more attentive and successful your Tumblr blog will become. It want to successful Tumblr blogger then the continued to write and post on blog.

How to start a Tumblr Blog ( Complete Signup process )

1) Let’s open your favorite web browser and starting surfing website.

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Tumblr Home Page | How to Start a Tumblr Blog

2)            After you open the site, the home page will open as shown in the Image above. Click on the Get Started button in the center here.

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Let’s fill up Email, Password and Blog Name | How to Start a Tumblr Blog

3)            After you have clicked on the Get Start button, you will see the image as shown above. Where you are asked to use the email, password and name of your blog to create your blog ( When naming a blog, use top term it is easy to find blog ). After placing everything, click on the Next button.

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Enter Your Age | How to start a Tumblr Blog

4)            You will see the image above. Here your age is asked, you have to enter your age and click on the term of service. Then click on the Next button.

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Choose Your Favorite Topices | How to start a Tumblr Blog

5)            After this, you are shown various topics, you have to choose your favorite topic from here or you can skip it. I have chosen 5 topics here.

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Tumblr Blog Dashboard | How to start a Tumblr Blog

Your dashboard will appear after this. Here you can post what you have in mind within the Tumblr term of service.

How to start a tumblr blog Brand

You can create any kind of category page on Tumblr. Usually, people use the platform for self- own idea and expressio ): they tell stories about their lives, publish photos, share life hacks.

A commercial blog, also a brand page, requires a special approach. A company must stick to its signature style and a well-detailed concept to attract a target audience. Keep these tips in mind when creating your page:

Average audience age. Will 18 to 34 people be interested in your brand? If yes, think of the best ways to attract this audience through visual content. Don’t be afraid to good design and top experiment with different positions.

unique content. Creating duplicate content is a bad idea because people use the platform to find some new content about the brand. Sometimes it’s enough to just change the format to present your content: make GIFs instead of videos, post a piece of infographics instead of one long read, and more.

Tag. It works in the same way as on Instagram, Twitter or other social networks. If users want to find a company, they only have to enter a name in the search bar. Using theme hashtags attract viewers who are more interested in the brand.

Interaction with the audience. Repost users’ posts, like and participate in discussions. This will help attract the audience and make you believe.

Ask questions, communicate with users, run challenges, and start flash mobs. In this way, you can attract more potential customers.

Personalize your blog. Tumblr is a platform where a business blog can also become a lively and honest blog, so keep official information for other social networks. For example, in a cafe’s blog, you can tell the lives of team members, present them to potential customers, public weird stories, instead of posting places with values or instructions.

10 most popular hashtags

  • #tumblrgirl
  • #tumblrboy
  • #tumblrpost
  • #tumblraesthetic
  • #tumblrtextpost
  • #tumblrquotes
  • #tumblrfunny
  • #tumblrgirls
  • #tumblrphoto
  • #tumblrpic

Here are the top most useful hashtags to attract more new followers and increase the reach on Tumblr blogs:

  • #LOL
  • #Fashion
  • #Art
  • #DIY
  • #Food
  • #Landscape
  • #Illustration
  • #Vintage
  • #Design
  • #Typography

How to style your Tumblr Blog

You have to decide which type create a blog. You can also run your blog on a common theme. If you want to give your blog an extra look, you can use the free themes or buy the premium themes.

How to make post on Tumblr blog ?

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Method of Posting | How to Start a Tumblr Blog

Clicking on the pen sign in the right corner of your dashboard will open a page like the one shown below, where you can write and share information about what you want to share on your blog.

1) Text – Starting sharing valuable content

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Post your opion | How to start a Tumblr Blog

You can easily post the text here. Give the title, keep the taxt as well as the taxt related tags you can easily put your words.

2) Photo – sharing most intesting photo

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Upload your Images from Computer or another source | How to start a Tumblr Blog

Let’s upload and share valuable photo for your blog readers. Upload from your computer or mobile or upload from another website with one click.

3) Quote – Share your and favorite philosopher quote with a reference to the source.

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Share favorite Quotes

You can easily share your favorite philosopher and educational or as you like quotes with reference and using tags.

4) Link – Share link as you wish

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Share your link | How to Start a Tumblr Blog

Let’s share your website, favorite article, youtube video and more with one click.

5) Chat – share your chat history as you like with Name’s

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Share Your Opnion as a Chat method | How to Start a Tumblr Blog

Share chat history as you like.

6) Audio – share your audio easily

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Add your Audio | How to Start a Tumblr Blog

7) Video – Share your video with one click

How to start a Tumblr Blog
Add your video | How to Start a Tumblr Blog

You can easily post all the above mentioned posts in Tumblr. You can get complete information on how many people viewed your post and from where.

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