Let’s know the changed rules of Facebook Mobile users Globally

The rule has been changed for Facebook’s mobile users recently. This new rule is being implemented across the world. In such a situation, users running Facebook on mobile should know about the new rules of Facebook. Actually, Facebook is implementing two-factor authentication. So far, two-factor authentication was made available for the desktop version of Facebook. Which is being implemented for Facebook mobile phone users since March 19.

Two-factor authentication came for the first time in 2017

This is an extra security layer, which makes Facebook users’ accounts more secure. The company has globally rollout it for the Android and iOS versions of the Facebook app. Let us know that in the year 2017, the two-factor authentication of the desktop version was supported by Facebook. After about 4 years, it is being rolled out by mobile users.

How will work

1) First of all, users have to log in to Facebook on mobile.
2) After this, the username and password will have to be entered.
3) Then an OTT will be sent to your registered mobile number or mail.
4) Facebook account will be open only after inserting this OTP.
5) After login you can easily share your interest and use messenger with your friends.

What will be the benefit rules of Facebook

Two-factor authentication is a physical verification process. This is required at the time of account log-in. In the presence of two-factor authentication, hackers are not able to hack your Facebook account. Simply put, the Facebook account password is protected. But even if someone has hacked or stolen your password, your Facebook account will still not be accessible. In a two-factor authentication process, the user must go through a mobile-based OTP process before logging in to the account.

Two-factor Benefits on Facebook | Rules of Facebook
Two-factor Benefits on Facebook | Rules of Facebook | Image :- Mashable


Two-factor is the better way to secure your Facebook account. We are suggesting all users use these functions to save their social media ( Facebook ) account safe purpose. I hope you really like the rules of Facebook information to secure your account from hackers or bad intension people.

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