What is SEO and How it works?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process for ranking your website around the search term in search engines around the world or specific regions. In this article, I will cover What is SEO and how it works? and how to use it to increase traffic to your website or blog. Let’s know more about what is SEO and how it works?

what is seo and how it works?
what is seo and how it works ? | SEO | Search Engine Optmization

Did you know that 90 percent of all searches in the world are done on Google? If you want to know how to build a website, you need to know the programming and if you want to get it to the readers and buyers, then you need SEO. No matter how good and problematic the article is on any website, it will not be justified if it is not delivered to the required readers. In that sense, I consider SEO to be the second most important aspect of a website. First of all, you need to create a website to publish good simple language and problem-solving articles where you can use WordPress, Joomla, and other content management systems.

what is SEO and how it works?

SEO is a process by which we can increase the organic ranking of our website in search engines.

In simple words –

SEO is all the ways by which we can bring our website to the top of search engines like Google and other  so that more and more people see it.

Traffic on the website is very important because where there is a crowd there is also money.

How SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) works?

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, AOL, etc. All are popular search engines in the world.

The popularity of a search engine can be gauged from the fact that when we need some information, we go to the search engine and search for it.

Search engines have their own rules (They called algorithms ).

Based on this, they give ranking to any website.

What are the SERPs results?

Search engine result page (SERP).

Google SERPs page
what is SEO and how it works | Google SERPs Page | Image from AHREFS

When you type something in the search box in Google, the page that opens up is called SERP.

What are organic and inorganic results?

There are two types of listings on SERP – Organic and inorganic. We have to pay Google for Inorganic Listing.

Organic listing is free, that is, we can come to the top page of Google without paying any money.

Organic search Mean SEO | what is SEO and how it works

But SEO has to be done for that. With the help of SEO, we can come to the top results of Google. Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is the most important part of any websites or Blog.

How many types of SEO work in the world?

In my mind, three types of SEO work in the world. We always use these types of SEO methods for ranking websites and get organic web traffic around the globe.

Let’s know the type of SEO,

•          White Hat SEO

•          Gray Hat SEO

•          Black Hat SEO

Why is it important to do SEO? Why is SEO important?

When more than 90% + of people do some search on a search engine like Google or Bing, then only visit the websites that came on the first SERPs page. Only a lot of people go to the second page.

SEO is necessary to increase web traffic on our website or blog. By doing SEO, we can come to the top page without giving money to Google.

Nowadays, if you want to know about anything, then people first search on Google.

In such a situation, if your website comes on the top page of Google, then it is also good for your brand Goodwill. Because “what he sees, he sells.” “

If you have some more questions regarding search engine optimization or what is SEO and how it works, then you can ask them in the comments section. I will try to solve all of the problems within 24 hours. If you planning to buy SEO services then visit the SEO package page for more detailed information.

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