Best Way To Create WordPress duplicate page or post with Singal Click

Thinking of this kind of question ‘ how to duplicate a page in WordPress’, ‘duplicate page WordPress’, ‘duplicate WordPress page’, ‘ duplicate page WordPress’ If so, you are in the right place or page. In this article, we will try to explain how to create a WordPress duplicate page and post. If you have any information related to this article and need to ask, please comment below.

When I taught a person how to create a website in WordPress, he asked me if any pages or posts I had created before could be duplicated without affecting them.

By duplicating the page and post in WordPress, we can change the duplicate post or page as per our need without any effect on the original post or page.

Why create a WordPress duplicate page/post?

We know many possibilities and needs in the blogging journey. At some point, we require to copy our own page content for the design next page or post. When you are manually copying a page or post content in this situation we can’t copy all data as metadata and SEO settings, featured image, and page or post settings.

For example:- You can reuse the sales page you have created where there is a lot of content and design or re-use the old article which you can use as a new one.

The easiest way to do this is to automatically clone and duplicate pages and posts with full content and settings. After WordPress duplicate page/post you can easily start working on it as your requirement.

Let see how to duplicate a page in WordPress or duplicate a page in WordPress.

duplicate WordPress page / post

Before starting creating a duplicate WordPress page/post we require to install and activate the duplicate post plugin. If you have any issues installing WordPress plugin then visit how to install a WordPress plugin.

Once you’ve installed the plugin you need, go to the page or post you want to duplicate. You will see an option as shown below. From where you can easily duplicate any page or post.

wordpress duplicate page
Duplicate option after install Plugin | wordpress duplicate page

Once you have duplicated the page you need, you can edit the page or post as you wish without damaging the old post or page.

Actually, this plugin works very well. You can update your old posts by editing them with the help of this plugin.
If you have any problem and how to post, then you can read and view our article on how to publish posts in WordPress.
You can easily use this plugin if you need to redesign the website as per your requirement, copy the landing page, any post and page setting, and design.

Customize Duplicate page or post editor

You do not need to make such settings in this plugin to duplicate as you need, but we will try to put some of the settings here before you. If you open the settings page of the plugin, you will see the page as shown in the photo below.

Don’t forget to save as after changes.

wordpress duplicate page
Duplicater Plugin Customization | wordpress duplicate page

I hope this article helps you learn how to easily copy any page or post. I am posting a lot of information about SEO and social media here. If you are new, we regularly post information on how to speed up your website.

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