How to Write an Article | 7 Rules for Writing Good Articles for Fast Ranking

This might also come as a surprise… To you, but writing good articles that get published is an art all of us can learn.

For many Internet Marketers getting exposure and the traffic it brings is second handiest in importance to making sales.

Writing articles, press releases, and marketing reproduction is a sure-fire manner to get exposure, but for many people, writing is a chore fine averted if possible.

How to Write an Article | 7 Rules for Writing Good Articles for Fast Ranking
How to Write an Article | 7 Rules for Writing Good Articles for Fast Ranking

Let’s Learning How to Write an Article and top 7 rules for Writing Good Articles :-

Step #1 – Define Your Topic and Set Goals.

Good writers begin by means of definitely defining what they want to write about.

Start by focussing your mind on the topic and the large message you want to communicate.

The subject matter may be one you’re a professional on, something you’ve got an interest in, or even something approximately that you intend to do some studies.

Choose Your Target Topices | How to Write an Article | Writing Good Articles for Fast Ranking

The essential factor is, be clean on the subject you would like to write approximately.

Next, with the subject matter and issue firmly in thoughts, define your desires.

Decide on the writing layout you want to place together.

For instance, writing these sorts of articles outcomes in special output even although you may be writing approximately equal content.

A report

A “How To” fashion article

A Press release

Ad reproduction (display v classified)

An e-Book

Setting dreams focuses your thoughts on how nice to give your written fabric. It forces you to set standards with the aid of which you may measure the best of your paintings.

Step #2 – Research and Order Your Material

Depending on your understanding of your subject matter, studies may be a completely new study of the situation rely on or it is able to be an employer of your knowledge, thoughts, and evaluations into a logical series or order.

Depending on content material and problem depend, the Internet might be all you want for most research purposes.

For more complex content material you have to use other resources such as


Interviews with experts

Public and private archives.

Step #3 – Write Mode

The goal of this step is to put all your cloth onto the page without stopping to edit, format, or in any other manner control the writing.

This is a pure “Brain Dump”, a noncritical outpouring of your cloth onto the page.

How to Write an Article | Writing Good Articles for Fast Ranking

For short articles, the “Brain Dump” can take place in a single sitting. For longer articles, destroy down the fabric into doable chapters or sections which you could then procedure the usage of the write, edit, and polish approach.

This is possibly the toughest step to perform due to the fact we continuously try to enhance things as we write. However, going to and fro as you write interrupts your innovation go with the flow, and makes the whole technique tougher.

Such improvements come within the next two steps. For now, deal with getting the content out.

Step #4 – Edit Mode

In this stage, you may now layout the thing, spell take a look at, order, and update or adjust the content material. Organize your paragraphs and get the layout and presentation correct.

This is in which you proofread and check your grammar, turning the raw material from step 3 right into a product similar to the completed article.

Editing likely takes greater time than some other level in writing.

Be prepared to spend time going over the cloth to get it just right.

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Step #5 – Polish Mode

At this point, your article is free of spelling mistakes, it’s miles formatted correctly, the content material is ordered and it flows in a logical collection.

However, it desires to polish to enhance its “readability”.

The manner to do this is to take it and study it out loud.

Flow is like an elephant – difficult to describe, however clean to recognize. Just as you concentrate on music or a poem and perceive the rhythm, you should “listen” to the rhythm of your written paintings as you read it out loud.

Using one phrase rather than another or converting the order of words could make a huge distinction in the “tone and rhythm” of a whole sentence or paragraph. In turn, this impacts the readability of the complete article.

Your aim is to write content the use of “drift” from words, tone, and rhythm that make human beings feel they ought to study the whole lot you write.

Step #6 – Submit For Publication

Once your article is prepared you need to post it to as many publishers as will put it on “paper” or a Website for their readers.

You can easily submit articles manually or automate.

Find the publishers by using the use of directories on the Internet and Send them the written piece with a short cowl asking them to publish.

Remember you can not over post your writing – get it published as frequently and as broadly as you may.

Step #7 – Start Again

Even though a written and published article will provide you with loose exposure, you should publish frequently and to an equally high standard on the way to build recognition as a writer or expert for your field.

Start deciding on a brand new subject matter and doing the research for your next article whilst your modern one is hitting the publisher’s pages.

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